Hipster Wedding

Here's an update of a fun little project completed with the fantastic Melbourne outfit AT LARGE.

On a related note, I have been working on better quality tutorial videos as well as videos showcasing some work I've recently been doing in my spare time in both Unreal Engine 4 and in max. 

It's been difficult to establish how much interest there is but a few people have suggested that it may be easier given my current setup to just do a live-streamed tutorial / Q&A. I am not opposed to this, it would perhaps be more fun and at the very least I can answer any questions in real time. If you feel this may be better than segmented videos just let me know or email me and I can change the format or use this as an additional method to make sure everyone gets what they'd like out of a full-fledged, full-length tutorial. Please be sure to leave comments if this is something you're interested in!