Alien Covenant / Prometheus Live Stream

Original Generative artwork used for the overlay by  Fleen  

Original Generative artwork used for the overlay by Fleen 

So quite a few people have contacted me asking how the Alien Covenant / Prometheus shots were produced and I was thinking that instead of a convoluted text-heavy explanation, I would either live stream exactly what I did within C4d and Octane or record a video tutorial showing how easy it was to produce. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in please consider shooting me an email or leaving a comment below letting me know what your preferred date would be to stream and I'll try my best to meet whichever seems to be the most popular response. Sometime in the next few days/week would work best.

Live streaming is something I watch perhaps more than anything else online lately and I've been thinking about hosting mini-tutorials via that medium for a while. I think it works a little better for learning as you can get instant feedback and questions on the fly. You also have the ability to access archived streams after the fact, so it really seems to be a win-win.

If you want to participate in a live stream with me or just simply watch, visit the youtube channel and subscribe.